Well, meow


Well… hello I guess?

I’ve been lurking around the source runs forums and wiki since about July but it never really occured to make an account untill some days ago when I saw that there actually wasn’t a page for the Save Glitch so I decided that I would start working on it. And low and behold, an account was made!

I usually speedrun Portal pretty often for funzies and sometimes runzies but I play mostly CS:GO and TF2. Also gotten pretty far learning about Half Life speedrunning as that was how I found the site(s).

So, now you know abit about me. How about you tell abit about yourselves so I can get a grasp of the kind people around here.


Yaaaay, more CS:GO players! :smiley:

Welcome to (registering an account on) the forums!


CS:GO? Wow, we should really play some matches together.

anyone more playing csgo? :wink: