Weapon Switch

Hi, which keys do you use to quickly switch to the phys cannon, or between 2 weapons, is there a way for doing fast switches ?

5 button mouse, I put a category on 3 of them, g for physcannon.

well i only have this standard mouse ^^ but “g” is too far away ^^ hm maybe i take f and leave the flashlight away :stuck_out_tongue:

I bind each weapon to a separate key:bind c "use weapon_crossbow"You can use q, t, f, x, c, v, tab, mouse3-5, alt and even caps lock if you want to get silly. I usually move flashlight to somewhere else. Also you can leave weapons that are at the top of their category on the numbers, and use keys only for the hard-to-get-to or very commonly use weapons.

I’m not sure exactly what you meant, but since nobody else has mentioned this yet, if you go into Options, Keyboard, Advanced Options (think that’s right) you can select Fast Weapon Switch for weapon switch without the switch animation.

this is just the wrong kind of fastswitch, ^^ it’s only for the keys and not for the mousewheel, but i need it for the mousewheel and not for the keys ;)dont know :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s the fastest switch, and besides, you really ought to learn to switch weapons without scrolling through them. It’s a bad gaming habit to do it that way :stuck_out_tongue:

i know ^^ but im still very good in switching to the right weapon with the mousewheel ^^ i do jumping und tricking not for perfect speed, i do this just 4 fun :wink: