We have our own podcast!


A bit late to break the “news” but I figured it should be official on the forums as well.

Our very own podcast, the “SourceCast” has now started and episodes will be released every other week!



Listened the whole thing and can’t wait for the next one. Keep it going.


Liked the first episode keep it. :smiley:


Listened to about half of it so far, and I’m enjoying it. I just wonder, seeing as you’ve talked about pretty much everything in this episode already; what will you talk about in the upcoming ones? Will it just be about things that have happened to the runs since the last podcast? What if there has been little or no progress in those runs?

Perhaps you can take in guests and interview them about their current runs or something, I dunno. I just have a hard time seeing what you could fill the next episodes with.

Still, I really like it and do hope you continue. It’s fun just hearing you guys rambling about stuff anyway. Keep it up. 8)


Really glad to see that people are enjoying it!

igge: We’ll talk about how you’ve disappeared next time. huehue

No but all jokes aside, since you haven’t listened to the second half I’ll just “spoil” it for you, we’re gonna try and have a guest every episode. So we’ll have a fresh mind every time who obviously will have his/her own focused subjects we’ll all be able to talk about. As well as joining in on whatever we’re talking about outside of that of course.

Apart from that the first episode was basically a pilot and an introduction to us and SourceRuns as a community. So future episodes will be more about (Source)speedrunning in general and of course basically whatever in the world we happen to start rambling about.


Remind me to watch this and apply for guest appearance.


Watch this.


Apply for guest appearance.