Watching old demo's


I know its been said lots and lots, and I have checked all the old topics about it, and done what they say. It still doesnt work for me though. I think I have probably just done one stupid little thing wrong, heres what I have done:-downloaded hl2v7b2455backup.rar- extracted it into a folder of its own.-changed the basedir thingy to the folder which has all my gcfs.I then double click the hl2.exe and it says "Can’t load filesystem_steam.dll"Can any1 help me? I want to watch the demos in HalfLife 2 done tricked by the way.


filesystem_steam.dll is located in \binBe sure it is thereI get the same error only if i delete or rename the file


in steamemu.ini, try changing"BaseDir=C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps"to your SteamApps folder.edit:oops, you already did that.


It is there, and it is named filesystem_steam.dll , it is 116 KB. I really dont know whats wrong, I havnt modified it at all. is any1 elses file different? or a different size?would someone giving me theirs perhaps help at all?

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