Watch Out.


Greetings, I’m INFERNOUX, or Ifx. I’m a portal runner with an addition to finding glitches (or re-discovering glitches). Spending upwards to 2 or three hours a day playing portal (usually only about 20-40 min at a time). I dont run any other source games because I have had issues getting into hl2 (I know, I know, the game is just too long for my puny ADHD mind) (and hl1’s movement felt like a dump truck on ice skates). My -current- time is a weak, but improving 16:24. Aside from running P0rtal, i also run SM64 but i dont feel that that is something that should be mentioned on a -source- speedrunning forum. And I guess thats it for that part.

I do stream to twitch: (I havnt been streaming lately, have recently moved and am too lazy to set up my green screen, also, have a new pc on the way and am waiting for that)

to conclude, expect a lot of me in the coming days. Because I have been speedrunning portal for the last couple years (starting on xbox) but have only recently gotten serious, and am ecstatic to have come across a forum totally based around running source games.

IFX out.

P.s. I swear to god im never actually this serious. So don’t get the wrong idea.


Welcome to the forums! You should try getting into HL2 again, or at least the older versions.


Possibly. Some time. Maybe… I got into portal because its a puzzle game. I don’t find half life having that same puzzle feel.



ABH round every map and they say that hl2 isn’t a puzzle!


Yeah, then you take in the whole getting shot at thing, and the puzzles become less fun. I’ll probably pick it up in a couple days and try to put together a path. but getting a good path will take me MONTHS with how long the game is.


yeah man its a tough cookie! I can barely ABH or whatever the other one is anyway! LOL Still a very fun game!



Abh-ing can be a pain.