Walking into speedruns


I figured I’d start speedrunning. Not trying to set a world record, just as a general interest and side hobby. If anyone has any tips on running suggestions, or any game ideas, please mention so.


what engine are you gonna run on? I’d suggest you choose one since as a beginner, trying to master more than one at a time would be really hard.
If you’re gonna run through goldsrc (hl1, expansions and mods), I would suggest you try some segments in my upcoming 100% run, cognak and me are currently working on it, superfrizzio is helping with planning but doesnt run cause he plays on ps2 and I’m looking for runners, and since me and cognak are new to the art of speedrunning, I’m recruiting beginners too so it’s a nice first run for every of us.
If you’re willing to run hl1, We got room for you to join in, if you’re running source (hl2, portal, etc) then I can’t help you, sorry


Well, if you like ABHing, then go with Half Life 2 and the episodes.

Or if you’re more of a front-bhop kind of guy, go with Half Life (gold source).

I personally like both, but ABH is easier for beginners to learn because it only requires one script to use in order to do it. Front-bhop takes some time to learn, but is pretty easy after you get the hang of it.


I’ll try GoldSrc first, then tackle source later. So, is there a good front bhop technique?


I’m just a beginner in the bhop art, so I can’t help you a lot, but you must move your mouse around a lot, start bhopping with a circlejump, and try not to bump into anything. so… Wanna enter the 100% cast?


What is a circle jump? and sure, I’ll do a segment or 2 for the 100 %. Thinking of unforseen consequences.


Pretty much everything in CS and it’s techniques is exactly the same in HL.


One does not simply walk into speedruns.


You can try whatever segment you want, but keep in mind that the best time will be chosen, so even if you don’t want many segments, this doesn’t mean you will have those you chose, it just means I give you the save and coordinates of end of segment and you try to do it as fats as possible. Just tell me what part you would like to make and I’ll surely send you the save as soon as we get there.

that one was so easy I didnt bother saying it…


Unforseen consequences just started, if you want to try some segments it’s the best timing. Just give me your steam account so I can add you as friend and we can chat and share saves


I activated an old copy of Half life on steam. Is bunnyhopping still the same as the retail version?


No. You need a much older version, or older.
You gotta use bunny-mod to have the uncapped bhop on newer version than that one^


Anyone got a link. Google shows nothing



Good stuff.


Russian = Quality


Mr. Dr. Professor Slateburg


Both links appear to be dead


nope, try again


still appears dead

I tried version 4 from here http://speeddemosarchive.com/RunsWithScripts.html and put it both in my half life folder and mods folder (no install instructions hooray). How does it compare to 4.2?