This is a tool for analyzing and working with source and goldsource save and demo files. I have been making this tool for quite a while but it is still in heavy development so expect frequent updates. Today is the first “stable” release so that’s why I am only making this post about the tool now.


  • Parsing any source or goldsource engine demo.
  • Viewing demo files tick by tick so you can see what is happening in them.
  • Hotkey system.
  • Renaming demos to the corret naming scheme.


The whole project is up on GitHub:

You can get the newest version from here.

Currently I won’t have much time developing it but I would like to finish the save parser in 1-2 week. I will update this thread as soon as I do any major update.


I tried it and I absolutely love it :ok:


Update v0.7

  • Added a tool to mass verify goldsource demos
  • Fixed bunch of bugs
  • Reforged code

Get it here.


Update v0.8

  • Added a parser for the L4D2 Branch (for the portal 2 people)
  • You can parse: CSGO,Portal2,Alien Swarm demos now
  • Many many bugfixes

Get it here.


Update v0.9

  • Added an overlay so grinding segments is much easier now.
  • Portal/portal2 etc. demo correction
  • Many many bugfixes
  • Font and such actually saves now
  • Settings for the overlay

Get it here.


Update v0.9.1

  • I had to fix some stuff in the source parser that Ole found and it could cause incorrect demo timing so had to quickly fix it.

Get it here.


Update v0.9.2

  • There is a tool to summarize portal 1/2/coop etc. demos so you don’t need different tools for it now.
  • Now the demo parser account the game’s tickrate so its more accurate.
  • Fixed many bugs
  • The overlay now has a settings page
  • Demodoctor is nearly done

Get it here.


Update v0.9.3

  • Added a demo repair tool
  • Bugfixes
  • Redesigned the portal demo sum tool so its identical to the one done by Fatalis
  • Added a checkbox so you can dismiss the annoying “Are you sure you want to exit?” window.
  • Added a context menu to the demo verification tool
  • Added #SAVE# flag check for portal games

Get it here.


Update v0.9.5

  • Added a tool to generate cl_leveloverview from maps (modified version of botman’s bsp slicer)
  • Fixed the rename tool
  • Reforged menus (still under heavy changes)
  • Fixed bugs in save parser
  • Improved save parser now it detects which map the save was made on and such

Get it here.