Visual Routes


We’ve got a folder full of top down views of maps defaced with MSPaint to show where to go on different levels.

So when you’re routing and you found a new route or you’ve found a new strat be sure to make a visual description of what you’ve found, after the run is finished people are going to want to know how we did some of the strats,just if they’re interested, and to avoid constant ridicule from assholes.

To make one, open the console and use cl_mapoverview [distance], the distance is different every time, so around 40 to fit the bigger maps and 20 for smaller. Use noclip to position yourself in the center of the map for to avoid cropping.
Take a screenshot and open it with whatever photo editing software, mspaint is easiest. Paint your route, add text if necessary.


You can just make a demo and stick it in here: