is there any way to get a video of your runs???i got a f***ing expensive internet connection and so cant afford to update hl2. but a vid of 25 secs ist very small …


Maybe I’ll convert the individual level runs into simple videos, although the demo playback errors will not be fixed at this point.


by the way, what if there is another hl2 update, to protocol 9 or 10 or whatever it is, what would you do with the demos, nobody could watch?


dont release “videos” of just one level, it destroys the “wow” factor


I agree with o40, individual video runs will spoil it in my opinion.


if you cant watch the demos there is no wow-effect at all, believe me! :smiley: how about videos of whole chapters?


Sorry, but I’m pretty confident that there won’t be any videos out before this project is completed…and that means no vids before Dr. Breen dies!



imo we should make a teaser (nearer the final release) just to get every1 interested. maybe just put tricks in that tho, not actual runs.