V_models for Half-Life, Opposing Force and Blue Shift with no animation

What’s up? I made some modified v_models with their idle/fidget animations disabled modified to be only 1-frame long. I did this because animations resetting at segment transitions is annoying.


I encourage you to test them for any bugs and report them back to me.

Enjoy! :>

EDIT: I remade these models, now you shouldn’t have lag spikes.

EDIT 2: Thanks, friendly admin.

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Works great! Thanks!
I once asked how to remove the idle animations, so you made my day!
No bugs, works with nghl and works with bunnymod and it also works with rofi’s client dll and it works with the hl2 style viewbob that is included with rofi’s client dll
No glitches at all, i get 124 fps while using this so no lag spikes
overall it works so thank you very much!
i will give you a yay karma

Looks like the download link has been down for some time. I’ve fixed it with a working one.