USS Darkstar segmented in 12:11


I made a speedrun.

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This is my first (full) recorded speedrun. I started planning the speedrun on 9 January 2014 and finished the last segment on 22 January 2014. The run consists of 65 segments and was done using scripts on hard difficulty with the mod launched through NGHL. The only scripts used in this run was a bunnyhop, duckroll and a usespam script.

I haven’t seen a run of this mod, so I thought it would be a fun challenge to work out fast routes and plan health and ammo by myself. It was very tricky finding quick ways to get past all the scripted sequences, luckily, BSPViewer and gauss solved most of my problems.


Proper good job, mate. I really enjoyed this run!


Thanks for a very nice run! I enjoyed it.

Good work on the health managment :slight_smile:


Awesome run!


sick speedrun m80


Very well made and thorough speedrun!
Hard to really appreciate when one haven’t played the mod. Might happen in the future.


Very nice! Recently replayed this mod myself and thought it would be a suitable candidate for a speedrun. Someone should look into doing one for the mod Absolute Redemption as well.


This was very impressive and a lot of fun to watch. Can’t believe you did this in just 2 weeks, that’s crazy to me. Looks like a surprisingly well made mod as well


Pretty nice run there. One question: Why only, as many as I’ve seen, one gauss boost?


The route I took only gave me a total of 40 cells and seeing how most of the maps are so cramped and/or timescripted, I figured I’d save more time by using the cells to gib/push enemies blocking my path, and at one point, even avoiding a scripted sequence.


Awesome speedrun. Just awesome. I hope, you will continue doing such great speedruns.

P.S Mod reminds me Duke Nukem 3D.


gg wp
all that shiz



A well constructed and enjoyable speedrun, good work!

The movement is really nice and I like that you end the run in style with 1HP :slight_smile: