Uplink Demo as a Mod.


It’s pretty hard playing the old Uplink demo. The original demo files from 1999 don’t work on the latest versions of Windows, the mod versions you see on Moddb are only half working and SteamLink is janky.

So I got it working properly as a mod for HL so if people ever want to play it on newer versions of HL or the latest version of Windows easily.

**DOWNLOAD (36MB) **

Just make a new folder in your Half Life folder called “uplink” and drop the contents of that zip into it, launch Half Life, click change game and click “Half Life: Uplink”.

There’s one small problem. If you want to rebind a key, the settings menu doesn’t work for some reason, you have to rebind keys with userconfig.cfg and do “exec userconfig.cfg”, also changing any setting unbinds everything, so again, exec userconfig.cfg. Couldn’t find a fix, sorry about that.

Have fun!


Nice one, though did you try this? http://www.halflifeuplink.com/steamlink/

Seemed to work fine for me last time I checked.


Yeah, I did.

It wouldn’t detect any installations of Steam I had on two different laptops. Even with Half Life installed, I just assume it’s old and broken.