Updating ghosting mod


So I set up gocnak’s ghosting mod the other day for the speedometer and the in-game timer, and I noticed that it runs on Source engine 14 (build 4104) (I’m guessing that’s the Source SDK Base 2007 that the instructions required). While doing a run with it for the first time today it felt very different from what I’m used to running on, which is the most recently updated version on Steam (Source ending 24 (2257546).I really liked what the mod has to offer, but I did not like how the game felt at that version.

TL;DR is there a way for me to make the ghosting mod run on the Steam version of HL2 that I’m used to (or anything newer)?


I’m a bit puzzled. It does say 4104 but I’m pretty sure it’s 5135…

Also what differences specifically are you noticing? Because even between 4104 and steam, there aren’t really any significant ones.


For one thing Ghosting is 4104 because that’s what the SSDK Base 2007 is, and if you wanted to make it run on latest Steam you’d probably need to remake the code changes on the latest SSDK code?


Ok I’m confused then because I was under the impression that 4104 was preupdate. Or does preupdate not have it’s own build number?


It’s hard to put things exactly in words, but it feels different, like unpolished. Little AI behavioral differences,little glitches here and there that I’m not used to, also my ASHing felt harder to maintain somehow. But basically you guys are saying that unless I go and tinker with the code it can’t be updated? I’m also guessing that there’s no other way to get a readout of my speed and an in-game timer?


You can get an ingame timer with sourcesplit. You can get a readout of your speed with cl_showpos 1, though it will be a bit smaller.


I meant in-game timer as in one that shows in the game window, but that doesn’t matter, I’ll just use my livesplit one. And thank you for the cl_showpos tip !!!