[UPDATE 2] ep2_outland_09 (Improved route)


Well so there went my über cool route I worked hard for…

Luckily today I managed to find an improved and much faster route compared to Demonstrate’s and with taking out the turret as proven vital.

Demo is up in the “HL2EP2 > routes” folder.


I’m going to be away from my computer with dropbox for a while. Anyone mind rehosting?


Does this skip destroy the turret as well?


Install Dropbox on the other PC, or use the web browser.

That’s what DB was made for!


Nope, you have to get past them without taking too much damage but it’s not that difficult to do.


So you don’t destroy the turret?




Lulz my bad, I misinterpreted the question. You don’t destroy the turret.


You have to blow up the turret so they’ll fix your car. Otherwise it’ll spawn on a later map where you need to drive it somewhere and it won’t work.

There is also a better way of getting around that Alyx trigger. It isn’t very big and it’s quite easy just to do gravity jumps over it with the large crates that are found around it.


Yo, check out the new route folks!


Do you have any plans to continue work on the current segment we’re on in the run? I kinda felt like all the work that went into the route planning for the HL2 re-run should have been dedicated to finishing this run first.

Also, which version of the game are you running on? Tried playing your demos in the preupdate version we used for the run so far which failed with a "
Interval_per_tick 38215303096182675000000000000000000.000000 out of range [0.001000 to 0.100000]" message. Mind you I’m running ep2 through Wine under Linux.

A video clip of the demo would be greatly appreciated.


I’ve got the same problem with the demo file. Video it! :smiley:


I got protocol 11. Video it!


Did we ever upload Protocol 14?


It’s the the steam version of ep2. Also it’s still not faster than simply going over the trigger. I’ll go get a screen shot of how big it is and how easy it is to get over it.


Well you guys probably don’t remember but me and exec tried to get the preupdate working for like a whole month but we never managed to get it working so it’s the steam version.

I’d love to see that!


Made a video instead.


Uhm, if we have to get the car why did you show us how to get passed the trigger?


You move faster than the car and also you don’t have to stay in the thing for the whole cutscene. Also that box isn’t the only way of getting above that trigger.



Well yeah but as stated we need the car and getting passed the trigger doesn’t allow you to get it? Maybe I’m just too tired to get your point, soz in that case.