Unable to reach stable 250fps


I know there are plenty of computer/tech forums out there that could help me out in recommending components, however since this is HL/GoldSRC-related/running related I thought I’d attempt to gain some opinions here since reaching 250fps isn’t usually a concern for someone who wants to play the game casually.

I’m unable to reach a stable 250fps in goldsrc which obviously puts me at a disadvantage in running (as an example, I tried to beat a 9.44 demo and managed to get 9.47 just with fps_max 125). I’ve tried lowering graphical options in the engine, lowering all of my videocard settings to full performance and a few other things like lowering resolution, applying higher priority to hl.exe etc.

That brings me to the conclusion that this is obviously a hardware problem. Here are my specs:

Windows 7
2.4GHz Dual Core
Radeon 6370D

I’m pretty sure the graphics card I have is an integrated one, exec tells me that this is probably why I have a problem.

I know video cards are pretty expensive, but I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to searching for one to buy.

Any recommendations on what the cheapest solution would be? Like I said, I just need something that will allow me to reach a stable 250fps at least the majority of the time.


You answered on your own question - it’s obviously a hardware problem. Today even a laptop for 600$ with Mobile GPU can run a Half-Life with stable 250 fps. If you have a desktop and your only goal is achieving stable 250 fps in GoldSrc games, then upgrading to GTX 550 ti (not less) for 150$ will be enough (im not sure about your motherboard, could be possible compatibility issues). Thats the cheapest option.
If you want to build your own PC, just tell me your potential budget and il try to provide the best option. I think, 500-600$ would be enough.


Okey, here we go.







2x44$ - 88$

Hard drive


Total price: 555$ + max 50$ for comp. case and coolers (optional), OR 502$ if you have a decent hard drive.

In total, we ve got a pretty decent computer, which is like 4 times more productive, than your current system.


I acknowledged that it was a hardware problem, I wasn’t asking about that, I was asking if there was one single component that would do the most to up my framerate when analysing my specs, what would the cheapest option be?

If I wanted to build a computer, I could do the research myself, I already know plenty of people IRL that could help me do that too, but right now I don’t have $600/£400 to dish out on a brand new computer. Providing I can even get some cash together for one component, I want to know what’s going to help me out the most.

Thanks for the recommendation on the video card, I’ll check it out. I’ll also bookmark the other links you’ve provided for future reference.


Well, then there is only one solution - changing video card. Could you please tell me your power supply wattage and motherboards model?


It is video card’s fault. Also, you can get a better card than GTX 650 for that price.
I have an AMD HD 6870, looks like you can get a used one for 100 pounds.

nVIDIA GTX 660, slightly better than AMD 6870, 37% off.

Used GTX 560 Ti for 80 pounds, I think YaLTeR has this model.

Note when buying AMD cards, try not to get a model that’s name ends with 50. Those are the worst in the series.
50 - bad
70 - normal
90 - best


Its a very complicated question. GTX 650 is still the cheapest option out of three, you mentioned. Im sure 650 can get stable 250 fps. About AMD series - its true, but he dont need a powerfull vid. card for his goal. Worst cards are also the cheapest. I dont see a problem of purchasing AMD Radeon xx50, if it can run Half-Life on 250fps.
Anyways, we cannot advice anything, until we know motherboard model and power supply wattage


XX50 might not be the best. But at least I managed a sub21 HL run with a 5850 card.


If you have a laptop, i’d recommend a GT 650M. Very nice card. Don’t know the price of it, but it gets around 450 FPS in the largest GoldSrc rooms. Plus 250 FPS average on Source Unpack for HL2 and Portal (on high settings). It hit about 350-450 on lowest. Trust me, I have one.

EDIT: Just realised you cant buy a mobile card seperate from a laptop, unless I’m stupid and can’t find a place to buy one other than eBay.


Thanks for all the help so far everyone, really appreciate it. How can I look to see what motherboard model and power supply wattage I have? Is there a way to do it without opening your PC up?

Also @Burgmond, it’s a desktop.


Speccy is a neat tool to check your specs (motherboard model).
You’ll have to open your PC case in order to check what PSU you’ve got.


You can sometimes see the wattage through the vent holes.