Unable to have bhop script work again HL1 [BUNNYMODXT]

When first using Bunnymod, after a bit of fiddling the bhop script worked and i was able to autohop while just holding space. I used the “Game start way” listed on the bunnymod injector’s github page [Here.]

Upon doing this for the first time, I ran the shortcut and it indeed did what it said on the tin. However, after closing the game at one point, I attempted to run the shortcut again, but it no longer acts the same way, causing the script to stop working as if the mod hadn’t worked at all. [Supplied image of what the folder with the shortcut inside looks like]

On versions of HL1 without the bunnymod, the script will simply cease to run due to the special command not existing, however, when I run the injector and try to bind space to the bhop script, it simply claims neither command exists. Attempting to run the commands from my userconfig directly into the console (which was what caused it to work in the first place last time I got it working) no longer work, and give the same “Alias name invalid” error as if I had no mod installed at all.

Essentially, I’m wondering how in the world I managed to make it work the first time, but can’t make it work anymore. Do I simply have to reinstall some program, or have I screwed with my files in a way that breaks the mod?
Any help appreciated. I apologize for any dumb mistakes, I’m new here.

did you rename the folder after making the shortcut?

Yeah, it was originally “test” but I changed it because test wasn’t a very good name. However, it wasn’t working even beforie I changed the name.
EDIT: I also just now updated the renaming in the shortcut, in case that was what was causing it not to function. It was not, and the script still did not work after updating the shortcut’s beginning point.

For those poor souls watching this thread in the future:
I solved this problem by instead downloading the 2005 WON version instead and running the WON + BXT + RI batch file, and then enabling “bxt_autojump 1” in game.
Using the script was less effective anyway.