Turrets in d3_c17_07 'die' after being knocked over once


I’m trying to learn the save/load buffer trick in d3_c17_07 using one of these turrets:


I’m having a major issue, however, since as soon as either of them gets knocked out once (gets tipped over and finishes its death jerk) its light goes out, it loses collision, and it either refuses to stand up (on its own) anymore, or it stands up but never gets re-armed and regains collision.

What up with that? I’m able to do the similar trick with a turret to skip the long wait in prison…


Uhh, that’s very odd. I’ve never seen or heard of that before. Out of curiosity, are you running the steam version of the game or the unpack?


I’m running the steam version. Do you think maybe they’ve patched it?


I doubt it’s a patch. Also worth checking is if this is true of all unfriendly turrets like the ones in nova prospect and other maps in c17.

edit: could you make a demo of this happening? I’d like to see first hand.


Here is a little demo of what happens:
I couldn’t see a way to embed the video[/spoiler]

I also went and tested this with the two turrets in the beginning of Nova Prospect, and they’re the same way. Once down, they’re out.

Btw, off topic, I beat my sub 2:15 goal on my 4th run. Now I have to start climbing the sub 2 mountain…


The trick still works on the steam version, identically to any other version of new engine. The turrets on this map work differently from the ones in the holdout in Entanglement in that they aren’t friendly, so you have to treat them a bit differently. You can watch any top5 run from the leaderboards and try to copy what they do. That looked like normal turret behaviour to me.

If the turret doesn’t regain collision even when you put it back upright then I’m not sure why. When you load the map with the map command instead of playing the game normally it can change whether the turrets are friendly or not, so that could be causing it?


You don’t really need to use the spoiler tag.


Weren’t you saying they don’t have collision once you set them up again? Because that would be the only thing preventing you from doing the trick and you didn’t show that off in your video.


When I made the video I didn’t use the map command or start new game, I just continued from a practice save. And yeah, I was initially looking at (one of) Gocnak’s WR attempts. His turret lost collision as Alyx blew the door open (just because that’s when its death rattle finished), but when he brought it to the other room it would stand up again, re-activate, and regain collision. That’s what I just couldn’t duplicate, and why I made this thread.


Yeah, you’re right I didn’t show that. Want me to make another video showing what happens? Once their light goes out they always lose their collision, and I can’t get them to regain it, even when they sometimes want to stand up again.


I’m not sure what you’re having trouble with, so I made a short video explaining how I do it. Hopefully that clears it up.
(I meant to make a public video but I said some dumb things so I made it unlisted. I might make a proper one some time)


I think the piece you might be missing is that you want to set these turrets up with the grav gun. If you push them into a wall with the grav gun as you walk into one, you should be able to clip pretty consistently.


Okay yes ! This solved the issue, though it still makes no sense. If the turret dies, picking it up by hand usually doesn’t make it stand up and it never reactivates. While holding it and looking around, the turret doesn’t rotate at all, only moves. HOWEVER if you pick it up with the grav gun it rotates when you look around, and if you rotate it back into a standing up position, or if it happens to be one of the ones which retain their own stand-upness, it comes back to life, reactivates, and regains collision.

TL;DR Use the gravity gun to set up the turret and perform clip if you’re using hostile turrets.

This would be useful to mention in your video, Jukspa.


Well if you think about it, that fact applies to all objects. Those held with +use dont rotate (think about teleports) and those held with the grav gun do. glad we helped :slight_smile:


Yeah yeah that part makes sense and I get it, but the fact that the turrets only get reactivated if repositioned with the gravity gun does not. Anyway, thanks for the help, guys!


This is not true, I managed to get them to regain collision by just throwing them around, although it’s pretty difficult and not really useful.


Oh haha that’s funny. Weird that they didn’t activate when they (sometimes) stood up on their own when lifted up by hand. I guess you just have to nudge them into standing up, whether by hand or grav gun.