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So after watching your speedrun, I was amazed at what could be done in HL2 and the fact that I never knew about it before. I immediatelly decided to try some of the tricks I’ve seen in your video out. In the beginning I tried bunnyhopping, which was kinda hard to control, until I changed it from 1ms to 8ms. That made bunnhyhopping easier, but oddly enough it made flying harder. Now after flying for a few feet, Gordon drops the thing he’s flying on and falls down. Not sure, maybe I need to tap spacebar instead of holding it. Another cool thing I tried was that jump over the wall on hoverboat that FU3L3D did, took me a good hour before I learned to reproduce it at about 20% frequency. My next goal is the sandtrap jump to the other island, but before that I have another question. All your tricks seem intuitive after watching the video, EXCEPT the wall+object jump. I don’t understand how to reproduce it, and if it’s in any way related to bunnyhopping? Also, no matter what I can’t seem to get off my hoverboat in such a way that I pass through a wall like you did in your speedrun and the tricks video. Could someone explain to me how to do these things? Thanks


1.) What are you trying to fly on?2.) By the wall+object jump, do you mean wallclimbing? What specific instance of this are you trying to reproduce? If you do mean wallclimbing, it’s actually more related to flying.3.) There are at least a couple ways to pass through a wall with an airboat. Just to experiment, you can stack objects along the normal exit points of the airboat, except for one. The last exit point should be on the other side of the wall. This can do strange things though and might land you some place you didn’t mean to be, like in a texture in the roof rather than through the intended wall. On the other hand, if all the exit points are blocked, sometimes it won’t even let you out of the airboat.The other way is the way I first discovered airboat wallclipping, and by accident. The demo of my initial discovery is actually featured in the tricks movie, where I go through the canals_05 dam gates. I was just exiting the vehicle midair for fun everytime I failed to make the jump and crashed into the side of the dam, because it would spin your pov in interesting ways. Instead of doing this though, one time it just spit me out on the other side. Anyway, my theory is if the collision is just right, the game is confused as to which side is blocked (or the airboat changes position too fast for the game to register because of the collision), and it lets you out a side that is blocked. I’ve gone through the canals_11 barrier front ways before, but it was much easier when going in reverse for some reason. Just keep ramming into the same position I did in reverse and exiting, and eventually you’ll get it. Try to match it up exactly like I did it. It will STILL take a large amount of tries though, it’s very random.


1.) I tried to fly on broken boxes, and destroyed barrels, both seemt o have relatively large surfaces2.) I’m not sure how it’s called, but one example would be like the jump at 46:10 of the speedrun (although I’m not sure if that’s the same thing or if some trick with gravgun). And another instance is in RandomEngy’s tricks video at 3:15 and at 4:14. Another thing I don’t get is the one at 4:14 doesn’t use the gravgun but the result is the same.3.) Thanks, makes more sense now. Hopefully I’ll be able to pull it off.


46:10 is simple, the barrel gets stuck in the closing door, the door gives the barrel more and more physical engery (yeah thats what we want :wink: ), this energy was used the get a very high horizontal velocity, in combination with bhopping, it is very powerfull :wink:


You might want to start by flying on a pallet, it’s much easier.All three tricks you mentioned that you thought were the same, are different.46:10 in the movie is a stuckjump. You lock an object inside another object by way of a forced animation, such as a door closing, and it fights to leave the object, pushing out energy. If you touch it, it transfers that energy to you. Duckjumping into the barrel seems to work best.3:15 was just an advanced gravity gun jump. I used the bouncy nature of the airboat, rocked it a little as I jumped on it’s side, ducked, then shot with the gravity gun into the airboat sideways, so the other side of it was pushed down and the side I was on was then launched up, launching me as well.4:14 is a transition, between suga’s stunstick jump and my accidental brutejump. Since I’m not sure which of them you mean, I’ll just explain both. I haven’t done the stunjump before, but I’m assuming this is what happens. When the guard hits you with the stunstick it forces you in the other direction. Suga had a barrel propped up in front of him, so the guard pushed him forwards INTO the barrel, and the game forced him out with a lot of energy, similar to the stuckjump scenario.My brutejump was a complete fluke and accident, and I haven’t intentionally replicated it yet. Half Life 2 is full of unusual ways to launch the player. For some reason the object I was on was caught on the wall, and when it became free it subsequently launched me into the stratosphere. I can’t give you a more detailed explanation than that.

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