Trouble with prop flying (old engine)

So I trying to find on youtube how to prop flying and this is kind of successful, but on first site was written that you need to jump and just press the grab button once, that method is what I’m was leaning on. When I try it for myself there was a trouble with

  1. when i do this with barrel often I can’t just start, because barrel is not under me, to fix that I’m doing flying with acceleration, I think that’s not correct
  2. if I flying on palette after 6 seconds or sum then it’s just drop, first I decided that was a lot of speed and game idk can’t process this and to prevent this I slow down my character and regrab item
    I’m using scripts, because I don’t want to speedrun, I want to master the mechanics. On this site I find script to prop flying, but with that my speed increased very fast. My question is how to do correctly prop flying, without item drop or going at the speed of light

I undertand the problem, no solve needed