Triggerdelay in new engine?


Is there a way to do triggerdelay in new engine?




OrangeBox+ has changed waits and waits are the only things that broke the command processing cycle to my knowledge. So unless there’s something else in OrangeBox, no.


Although what YaLTeR said is 99.999% likely to be correct, it would be interesting to look around just in case there is some weird way to do it :stuck_out_tongue: Having said that I don’t even like trigger delay much. If console commands are required to do something, it’s not really a “proper” glitch. Things like duck spam are OK because they are theoretically possible with normal input but I don’t like spamming console commands which aren’t even gameplay related in order to skip gameplay. I suppose it’s kind of cool how you can skip large sections of map though. Hmm…