trigger skip


donno if this is anything new, but I thought I’d post it anyways.
20fps + 1700-2000 ups seems to work the best


Does this work on all triggers or just that one?


Is this consistent?


Probably just small, thin triggers like that one. You can test what speeds pass through what triggers with “sv_airaccellerate -1000” Just set it to a negative number and try it out.


Yes, this will work for all triggers that are thin enough to pass through in one frame. Another example is the damage trigger in the first map of Office Complex (c1a2).


No clue, found it last night… would be nice if there was a trigger you could pass this way and potentially make speedruns faster. Would be a pain to look through HL, OP4 and blue tho x_x

It’s not that hard to get, atleast 1/5 times I’d say. And for some reason 20fps is easier than 1-5fps o.o


Indeed, because 20 fps is the lowest fps you can get the movement code to run at. Anything less will be “split” in halves until it’s at least 20 fps.


As another example, I did the same thing in my Hazard Course TAS. Here, I skipped a trigger_hurt to avoid damage, enabling me to do a damage boost, making the run faster.

Objects do not move smoothly and continuously in Half-Life. You literally just get teleported into the new position in the next frame, skipping a chunk of space in between. The amount of space skipped depends on the frame rate.