Tricks without scripts


I’m new to speedrunning this game and I wanted to know if some tricks are feasable without scripts. I’ve managed to get the box boost over the gap in “unforseen consequences” but I can’t seem to get the test chamber skip trick. Does anyone know if this is plausible without scripts for single segment runs? If not, what other tricks should I not bother trying without scripts?

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You can not skip the test chamber without scripts, sadly. With some good luck you could get into the mapchange trigger, but you’d get stuck inside a mapchange loop forever. This is where the scripting part comes in - you need to make a triggerdelay so you can delay the mapchange trigger and spawn a bit futher from it in the next map so you don’t trigger mapchange again (the trigger is still there in the next map for some reason).

I think most of the basic tricks should be doable without scripts, except they are a lot harder to do so. These tricks include: Bunnyhopping, Duckrolling (w/ mousewheel), Damage Boosting, Gauss Boosting, Snark Climbing, Quickgauss, Infinite Health Door (if you can call it a trick) and of course, Object Boosting. I think those are the only ones you might need the most in a SS run, really. The only trick that I can think of right now and requires scripts is Triggerdelay (Ammo Dupe and Fastfire not included in the list because they involve reloading saves, but Ammo Dupe can be used with a mapchange so it doesnt require any scripts/save reloading that way).

Anyway, I’d recommend watching coolkid’s SS runs so you can see what he does and apply it to your runs.

Good luck!


Thank you very much for all the info. I forgot about coolkid. I’ve been watching scripted runs to try to learn, heh.