Tricks challenge thread! [GAME]


So i don’t know if this will fly with you guys, but i thought it would be fun to try this.

Basically you complete a trick in game, preferably with 100fps, no scripts. Upload video proof of it, and the person who beats it first (and also have proof) can come up with a new challenge. The next person who also perform that trick with proof can come up with another new trick.

Let me start with this. Jumping over the gap in blast pit.
It took me like 5 minutes, so its not so hard, but its a good start.


  1. Start where i start in the video
  2. Get across the gap
  3. The only tools you can use are the tools i am using in the video.
  4. That means no grenade jumping or gauss-boosting.

I don’t think we should compete in coming up with the hardest trick you possibly can do, its good if a few can actually participate.

Let’s see who the first one is to do the same trick. Cmon :smiley:


Very interesting idea for a thread, can’t wait to try some of the challenges you guys come up with (and hopefully post some of my own) when I have more time!


Hell yeah! Awesome haha!

When I have fixed my issues with demos at the moment I’ll try n upload.

This thread looks awesome though will keep an eye on it! This is actually really good because anyone can get involved really!!

Is posting a demo fine? Or does it need to be uploaded to youtube?


I think it would be best if we keep it on youtube or vimeo or whatever, i think the entertaining part is to be able to quickly see all the tricks, if people start using demo files, few are actually patient enough to download the .dem file and fire up half-life and watch it there.


Yes you are correct. I was just thinking that myself.

I will do my best to make some youtube clips but I need to get virtualdub and all of that. Will hopefully be back shortly with a clip!


Do we have to do it in that specific way/style or can we jump the gap however we like (i.e use less jumps)?


You don’t have to do exactly how i did it. Start where i started and get across the gap. everything in between is up to you. No nade boost/gauss boosts obviously. ;D


I think we should include written goals to prevent questions like PJC’s, for example for your trick that would be:

  • Start where I start
  • Go the same way as me
  • Jump over the gap

or something along those lines.


Yeah youre right, i edited my post with rules now.


Another leap-of-faith one.

  1. You must use the same path and therefore should always be advancing (i.e no looping around/gaining extra speed beforehand)
  2. Start from the yellow & black striped area like I did
  3. No object boosts, just raw movement
  4. You must cross the gap, no other way round

  1. You must start where i start.
  2. You must go directly from the “balcony” to on top of a box under the railing, it can be one of the three boxes.
  3. Bonus points if someone lands on top of the platform, where G-Man walks.


no scripts


Nice, you get bonus points! ;D

Where is that room exactly? Is it around the lambda core somewhere?


Straight forward on c3a2c.


There was me going to c3a2b and no-cliping there LOL


Challenge beaten.
Proof + new challenge:
Be on top of a scientist when the elevator reaches its highest point (before doors open).

I really like this idea, nice initiative Joel! :smiley:


Challenge beaten.
I present my challenge on gasworks. Jump from the top level railing and onto the lamp post I landed on. Just don’t touch the floor, only use the railings on the top level.

Maxams challenge + gasworks challenge demonstration + extras


Challenge beaten!
Proof and new challenge!

Land on TOP of where the valve turning wheel is attatched to, not on the floor. Just where i land in the video, man



sadf’s challenge beaten and new one here!

Don’t jump too many times! :smiley: map c4a1