Train Clip in New Engine


I’m not sure if this is well known or not, but I never see people do it in runs and I just discovered it.

I’m assuming it works because every time you saveload, the train doesn’t move, but think that time is still going. After about 50-60 saveloads, the train speeds up to compensate for not moving. It clips into the other train, which we can use to clip into the metal pole (or the guy with the suitcase). If we saveload down too much, we are just stuck under the train. If we saveload into the train tracks/ground it sometimes works but we have to saveload to stand back up again.


… Well. My God.


In the video i used y_spt_pause 1, which makes it really easy. It’s easy to mess up in RTA, which is why im still working on it. I can use the train behind us to push us out without saveloading, but it might not be consistent. If done correctly and optimally, it can save about 20 seconds. There’s a slight chance it will crash if done wrong though


Just wondering… if the train juts forward after a given number of save-loads, would it be possible (probably in segmented/TAS due to the amount of save-loading required) for the train to simply pass straight through the player like the tram in Half-Life 1? Then you’d probably not have to wait for the train to move out of the way to start ABHing since you’d be directly behind it. I haven’t tested this; I might try if I can be bothered but I was just wondering if you’d considered the same idea.

EDIT: I can see now that this idea probably won’t work. Didn’t even realise there’s another train behind the main one.