Either we do bandit hax barrel bug thing, but that would be really fucking hard and would involve a lot of backtracking segs to get the barrel in the right spot blah blah. Or we do this, I’m not sure how it works but I remember it happening in ts02 with a bottle, I think the game doesn’t think you’re falling because you’re standing on the prop like you’d be standing on the ground, probably because the prop is falling at the same velocity you are, I don’t think this works with the barrels themselves but I haven’t tried it too much. You can’t be holding on to the prop otherwise it won’t work, but it’s not hard to do, you could probably do it in RTA runs with enough practice.

Also, can someone post the timsavers/tricks/strats spreadsheet on this board somewhere? I don’t know where it is anymore.


Exactly, you’re standing on a prop that’s falling with the same speed as you do, so at each point of time you’re considered on ground.


Shit, just saw there was a faster strat rama came up with below, pls delete this post.