Town_02 and Pixel Window


Just some demos for your consideration (demos because i suck at making videos).

I’m not promising any plausibility that these strats can be used in a run, or that they’ve never been done before. Just sort of throwing my ideas out there.

Here’s a launch and a rocket jump for town_02:

Consistently, the radiator launch can be done by standing on the back end, looking down at the middle of the radiator, and then sprinting forward and punting it once your crosshair is over the edge (if you didn’t already know).

And here’s a Pixel Window strat that’s VERY similar to the DWaHMoV strat, but hopefully easier while still being swag enough.

Thank you for taking the time look at the demos, as i understand demos are more time consuming than videos; I also appreciate any feedback you have.


The radiator punt is pretty cool, haven’t seen that one before. I’ll have to play around with that and see if it’s consistent. We get the rocket launcher in coast so the rocket jump in town_02 can’t really be used.

I actually found a similar rocket jump route for pixel window a while back, not sure if yours is easier. Even if you fail it it’s not too bad since you can just grab one of the blue trash bins next to you and use it to get through.