Touch Typing


100 Words per minute with 99% accuracy. I used an application on Facebook but I’m hella proud of myself right now. Another 50 words per minute and I can start typing faster than most people talk.

Since we are a place renowned for doing things quickly what are you records? :slight_smile:


I’d say I’m fairly good at typing quickly, but whenever I try to beat the clock I always stress out and fail on every single word. 100 words per minute sounds insane though.


I type with 1 finger and use the caps lock key. :stuck_out_tongue:

In al l seriousness I can type kinda fast, but the faster I try and type the mopre spelling errors thrt are.

^Unedited, I’m normally worse that that though :confused: so I can type fast, but then I spend a while fixing all the typos, no idea how many words per minute though.


Heh. Usually when I make mistakes I’m aware that I’ve made them and can easily correct it. Maybe I should work on that since it’s all muscles memory. If I completely got rid of the correction part then maybe I could increase the speed that I can type at.


I just type. I type fast enough for my thought process, and that’s what matters. Apart from when I’m writing a transcript for some speedrun’s audio commentary, that’s when typing faster would come in handy, but I doubt that will happen…


Heh. Josh I thought you would be the one person who would just be absolutely demonic at typing.


Nah. I’m fast enough, fast as most I guess. I make a lot of mistakes too. Meh.


My PB is 110


My PB is 126 WPM.

My average WPM is 109


116WPM with 99% accuracy.

Not really a feat, most people who touchtype get >100 WPM.