tips on the hl2 speedrun


is there a place on the forum or a person I can contact about a method of making your awesome speed run even faster? :stuck_out_tongue: this is not to point out small mistakes in your run, just to tell you of a better method of doing things that will make your runs faster, by a few minutes in some sections of the run, don’t want to offend anyone, your run is great. I just don’t know who to talk to about this or where to post. or if you are even still working on this! :frowning:


Most people who contributed to the hl2 speed run don’t come here anymore. But there are a few.Post whatever you like, demos of routes, or screenshots… Whatever. I’m interested enough to see what you’ve got.Because I do think that the hl2 speed run had basically the best routes, and if there is a better route for some part, then i’d be very interested to know it.Just reply here, and people will read it.


Well, it’s not a different route.I noticed that you guys press sprint and then crouch to move though vents faster etc. its about 150 vel I think. Anyway, there is a MUCH faster way of doing that, if you crouch, press sprint then let go of crouch just before you enter the vent, you will run through it at running speed: 320 vel.Also, every time you go up a steep hill, you just run because bhoping slows you down, for example: the 3rd chapter when you first get the pistol and you are running up the stairs to the top, you can press W and move against a wall, pressing W and the strafe key toward the wall your against, you will run even faster then the 320 running speed. I messed with that technique a little and found that if you look exactly 8° into a wall and run against it pressing W and whatever strafe key, you can go up to 480 vel.That technique also works when you are running through vents, so it’s possible to get up to 480 vel when going through areas that require crouch.I have already made the demos and I will post them later today when I get home.


Ah yeah, I know you’re talking about.Back when “we” did the run, that crouching-sprinting exploit wasn’t known.The other one was known, but just wasn’t used (since it’s been in quake 1).And it’s actually 481 ;)Bhoping when you’re going uphip can give you heaps of speed. Just depends on how steep it is. Take some of the coast for example, the road which is slightly up. You get insane speed off that. So you’re right about that, as you said steep.But even sprinting up a really steep hill will give you that gayness effect, where you actually don’t go that fast.Basically it’s too late to redo the run. Or atleast I doubt anybody could be fucked. But that doesn’t mean posting new stuff is pointless.Good post!

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