so what timing method will we use? accurate one which is timed by video editor, or just add the map time one by one? if we use the map times, I think we should add extra 0.5 or 1 second to each map since there are _2 demo.

I think you should take final time from final video beginning appearing at train and finishing at reactor explode

Yeah, I agree with doxily. Also, if this does end up being accepted by SDA, we would also need to add the .5s for segment as per their rules.

Yeah I’m wondering if SDA accepts if we will get .5 sec for each _2 demo.

Hmm, we shouldn’t but it’s a possibility. The _2.dems were just our attempt to bridge the gap and lessen the ACTUAL amount of time lost, aka, the time that the .5s rule is trying to account for. If we really wanted, we could have just left those out, made our video more “holey” and had less .5s time taken out.

Too late now :confused: We will have like 140s+ added to total time if the _2’s count as a demo.

It wouldnt make sence to count the _2s. they are the bridge to the NEXT MAP. if we are doing the time PER MAP, then you shouldnt count the _2s. They only will make the video and runs more fluid. I dont think it would make sence to count them.

Of course it doesn’t but the SDA’s rules state that for each DEMO you get .5s added to the total. Since it is technically another demo they will probably add it up. :frowning: I guess it doesn’t matter, we can use our own time and somebody after the combined run will probably do a solo through the whole game and beat Marshmallows old time.

Then dont submit the _2’s…

I dont really care about SDA validation, I think this will be a kickass run and if Radix want to time this his way, he probably will.

The _2s are a seperate demo FILE, but they are not a seperate recorded demo as controlled by the runner.Just because it’s another file doesn’t mean it’s another record. I think the (spirit of) the rules is to add +.5 for every re-record, not for every file, however many the game decides to create for each recording.Right?

right!The _2 is just a extention of the first demo. They are actually the same segment.

QUOTE They branch the demos together, some have a couple feet in movement, so it will look like we teleport or something sad.gifyeah that’s why I think we should add extra .5s. they are part of runs in fact.using the total time from the final video and including the time table in the readme is the best I think.edit:I’m saying if we use the time from the final video, we only have to add the segment penalty by SDA rule, and indeed no need to add another extras for _2 demo because it’s automatically added to the vid.hope you understand :confused:

IIRC, the segment penalty applied only to Half-Life because you could save anywhere instantly, and theoretically you could make a demo of the whole game. In HL2 however since it’s forced to make a new demo for each map you sort of have to run it in level segments. For this reason (I think) no segment penalty was applied to the current SDA HL2 run. So I think what will happen is the penalty will get applied only for any extra segments, and not for _2 demos, or even whole-map demos.

Yeah, i totally agree. I dont know what SDA will think, but we all can explain it to them. :stuck_out_tongue: