Timing pauses.


Runners are responsible for their own health, just like in any sport.

The thing is, Fnzzy was making a clear point about what he considered to be a flaw in your argument. What you did is told me/INFERNOUX that what we’re saying is nonsense/absurd without explaining why, right after a strong argument was put forward with the reasoning behind it. Also, whilst I agree that everyone should be treated equally, first impressions do exist and they are important. As far as I know you are relatively new to these forums and have already caused a negative impression which inevitably increases the difficulty of integrating into the community, whereas Fnzzy is a well established member of the community due to good first impressions and contributions.


I agree its obsurd. Honestly. But so is getting the shit beat out of you and that’s kinda part of wrestling/boxing/mma. What I’m getting at is its a part of the deal. The goal is to beat it as fast as possible in one time. In one sitting. If you want to pause runs that’s why segmented runs exist.


SunsetBear, your entire argument throughout this thread is that these things will pose an inconvenience to you in particular while running. This is a community, therefore we vote on and discuss topics, such as this, until most of us can agree on rules that seem fair. Every single post of yours, regarding the topic, is just your opinion and why you don’t like the rules (followed by obvious bs meant to sway our stances?) simply because you refuse to adapt around them.

That said, if you’re not going to contribute to the discussion honestly, then you don’t need to be in this thread at all.