Timing Half-Life demos


How do I properly time HL demos? A timer shows up if I viewdemo instead of play but the timer starts at 1:00 instead of 0 on the first segment.Using Steam HL with BXT and bxt_autorecord. Do I just remove the first second? Is there a command or something that will tell me the exact length?

Example on c1a0

S1 1:00 - 6:97 = 5.97
S2 6.97 - 14.12 = 7.15
Total 13.12

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You don’t time demos. You note the BXT timer time you got while recording.


Sorry if I was not clear but I am not doing full game runs. Should I add timer_reset/start to the load bind and timer_stop to the save bind for segmenting?


Yeah, that’s how people usually do it.