Timesavers/Shortcuts/Glitches etc.


ep1_citadel_01 to 04 run: 01 - 04 runep1_c17_01: fly_over -> flying over the black wall and activating the trigger to stop alyx sniping quicklierep1_c17_06: Strider_part -> two grav jumps knocking off some time to get to the rockets quicklierEDIT: post some timesavers/shortcurs or Glitches you’ve found and i’ll edit them in this post.


ep1_citadel_01 to 04 run : HereI suck because of my low fps :frowning: (15-30) I need a new gfx o//


Nice! Alyx at citadel_02 has came so fast. Are you magician, hlook ? =)


hehe I don’t know what happen really, I didn’t un"bsp" the map probably a trigger bug because I avoid the stalker partSo now I wait for a new graphic card to try to find new tricks :wink:


Are you trying to play that demo with HL2 or Episode 1. I believe you need Episode 1 to render the demo.