Time Sheet


The overall map times are in one sheet, the individual segment times are in the other.

EDIT: Someone should double-check the HL2DQ times for me http://www.archive.org/details/HalfLife2_13657


Oh wow. The sub-forum is already messing with me. I had already begun creating one myself. 8)

I think we should make it an invite-only, to keep the integrity of the run, but I’m not sure everyone agrees. Perhaps a poll or something to decide?

Edit: double-checked the times. There was only one tiny flaw.


I’m happy to make it a private spreadsheet, everyone will just need to throw me their Google account so I can add them.


Ask igge for my gmail. Ive already gave it to him.


Did Google+ work as well? Or is it just gmail accounts?


They are both attached to the same account (or, should be)


Yup. All you need is a Google account. That could be G-mail, Google+ or anything else Google-related.


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Any chance you’d be willing to add me so I can follow along?


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Alright, I think everyone can access it now


I want access to :smiley:


Quick question: Shouldn’t we add one second to the first map time because of the penalty? It makes more sense to have the actual time for the maps, since then the improvements would be more accurate?


We did. Map times are rounded down so ts1 would be 2:36, not 2:37


Ah. Didn’t know they were rounded down.


What’s the Penalty for?


Actually, since I am the one who mostly did all the stuff in the doc, let me explain some shit. Because as far as I worked, penalty is NOT included in the time, unless someone just changed that. I put it in a seperate column for now, because I was unsure what to do with it.

Explanation of columns:
On the segments sheet:
Column D is the most accurate segment time.
Column F is the most accurate total time, but does not include penalties.
Column G is the same as F, but it’s in hh:mm:ss format. It’s rounded down however, so it’s not exact.
Column H I just added and tells whether or not there’s a penalty.

On the maps sheet:
Column C is a manually entered number simply copied from column E from the segments sheet. I did not round this down however but to the nearest whole number (due to formatting issues, GDoc wouldn’t allow decimals). If we were to include penalty in this, TS1 would read 2:38, unless we round this down like GDoc does. (but if we were to round down all the time, we would build up several seconds that we did play, but would not include in the final time). As a matter of fact, this raises another issue that I’ll come back to later.

Column F is all times of column C added. This is only a rough estimate, but should work if we are consistent with rounding in column C.
Column K is the penalty in seconds to be added to C’s time. For TS1 this is 1 second, since we had 2 manual saves. for TS2 this will be ½.
I see someone added column M, which is the most accurate time displayed on the maps sheet, however, google docs is unable to calculate with this format as far as I found out.

tl;dr: For the most accurate time, refer to columns E and F in sheet “segments”. These columns do not include penalties, nor do all the other columns. Column C in sheet “maps” is rounded to the nearest whole, unlike all the other columns, which are rounded down.

@eXeC: Some rule SDA applies concerning manual saves. Since we’re not going SDA I have decided not to include them in the timing yet but put them in a seperate column for now. hl2dq was SDA though, so they did work with it. It seems only fair to me that we also work with it. But I’m not going to decide on that.