This is The Run Trailer Release


This is the Run!

Just an off topic sort of thing here, but the “This is The Run” Trailer has been released and it looks amazing. It looks like a sad speedrun movie starring Gocnak ;D . I’ve been waiting for this for a long time and I can’t to watch it because it’s going to be amazing. My opinion is that it will enlarge speedrunning. Recently, the art of speedrunning has had a great uprising from what it used to be, but at the launch of this movie, it is going to skyrocket in poopularity. I really can’t tell whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. What are some of your thoughts/opinions on it?

This is The Run!


They misspelled the title. :^)


tbh I don’t like it; they try and make it more serious than it actually is


Yeah, it looks like a dramatic live action thing. I don’t think it’ll necessarily enlarge *this *community unless Gocnak mentions SourceRuns a lot but I wouldn’t think so since he barely had anything to do with SR following the years after DwaHMoV, now he has **nothing **to do with SR. I’ll watch it regardless It might to be as bad as people say it will be though.


doesnt professorbroman have next to nothing to do with speedrunning whatsoever these days?


To mu, neither does Gocnak nowodays. But they were when the movie was recorded I guess.