This is new?


Hi! I found this with the pickaxe.

Its more fast than other way?


Yeah I’ve known about this method for a while but is there a consistent way to do that?


I guess, you put the pickaxe like the other method, you crouch, wait a bit and jump pressing W for stop your speed and strafe:D


I think it depends on the angle you pick up the pickax from the elevator.


Yeah you should also show how you held the pickaxe when you did the SPD, since it gives you different boosts depending on the angle.


Mmmh… I thinks this trick its only in the new version of HL2Ep2, cuz I downloaded the preupdate and I can’t do this :c


It’s probably just that you held the pickaxe differently in the elevator. As far as I know SPD hasn’t changed at all between different versions of new engine.


I picked it up the same way S. does in his run, works the same way pretty much every time.