This glitch is stupid


It’s not only hard, random.

It’s also stupid.

Even if someone gets it it will be stupid as fuck.

Giving this 30 more minutes of attempts. Anyone still wanna try this go for it, meanwhile I’d say people who don’t want to; start grinding out that alternative route.







I warned you.


Here’s hoping we can fix this mistake before 2013.


I’m guessing this is the topic about that weird clip glitch Jared first discovered in blamod, right? I thought there was another topic for it though. Anyway, given the nature of this trick wouldn’t it be possible to write an AHK script which just repeats the necessary key sequence over and over again? Then you could just position yourself in front of the clip brush you wanna glitch through, start the script, go out for a beer and see if you made it through to the other side when you get back. Now granted, it can probably happen easily that at some point the player position shifts and you end up jumping around all over the map like a moron, but still. Mind you I haven’t looked at the map where this would be used in the first place, but maybe it’s suited for such a brute-force approach which would render the task of proving if this is possible or not rather simple. If this is all misses the point completely ignore my post. Just thought I’d throw the idea out there in case nobody else throught about it yet. Cheers.