Third Person


There is a Gordon model which you can watch jump around in the third person! :smiley:

I especially enjoy this because it kinda looks a bit realistic when bunnyhopping around. The only part which I don’t like is when you’re looking up or down the model will tilt rather than just the head. When you see it you will know what I mean. Try recording a demo with a really fast tau boost and play it back. Just looks so awesome! :smiley:

By the way there was a problem that I had when I first tried doing this which was the camera looking at the model from a 90 degree angle. Change one of the cvars in console from cam_yawpitch 90 to 0 and that should fix it. I’m not sure whether cam_yawpitch is the correct cvar but type cam_yaw into the console and the variable which is at “90” select and change to 0.

Have fun!


And if that doesn’t work, try cam_idealyaw 0.


I saw a mod on some HL2DM website that is a playermodel for Gordon. I used it for HL2 and ep2, it’s so much fun to playback demos of me bunnyhopping and abhing.


Would you mind finding a link? :smiley:


What’s wrong with your hands.


set cam_idealdist to a negative value and you have a nice wallhack :slight_smile:


Haha, that’s awesome.