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Hi guys,
I’m quite happy to finally register in SR. I’ve been around for a couple months now so… here I come.

There’s nothing much to say about me, but Half-Life was one of my first video games, therefore I love it more than anything. <3 I’ve literally grown with the HL series and both Portal, and TF2. Yet, I have my tastes. To be honest, I never even watched a CS game and even if L4D are great games, I never played them for more than twenty minutes. Don’t beat me!

But what brings me here today is, of course, speedrun. I always have thought that HL is a great game to speedrun and to talk about it, to teach basic techniques and tricks that are used in most games’ speedruns. And, actually, I believe HL’s speedrun is among the most entertaining to watch, and the runs you guys have put up are sincerely amazing.

I don’t give away much of my personal information here, 'cause you’ll find everything on my profile when I edit it (if I do it). Just know that I am a 21 yo French and that I love cherries.

Well, that’s all for now. See you around. :slight_smile:

Thio ~


Welcome! :slight_smile: Be sure to check out the sourceruns wiki. This may be also helpfull.


Thank you for your welcome, Traderain, and for the links too. :slight_smile:
I’ve already spent a lot of time on the wiki, and sooner or later I’ll try to practice BH and some glitches or skips. My goal for now is to speedrun HL in SS or RTA.

As a start, let’s say 1 h 30 min. I’ll start in a few weeks, but I need to get a WON version.


Hey, welcome! Use this for HL speedrunning:


Thank you, Yalter! I didn’t know there was such a package. Glad you told me about it. o/


Hello, welcome to the community.

if you’re interested in running portal OOB i’d be happy to help you learn. I stream ( and i also am on steam quite often. (at INFERNOUX, go figure)

hl2 is a totally different story, i’ve never even beaten the game honestly.


Thanks for your welcome and your proposal, however I’m not into speedrunning Portal atm. :wink:

You never beat HL2 ? You mean, normally? Where were you stuck? ;o


It’s not that I got stuck. I just never took the time to. Idk


Come on, man, you got to get back! The ending’s worth it ~ :wink:


ive seen the ending of it dozens of times watching speedruns. i will at some point. it just hasnt happened yet.