They Hunger speedrun in 4:47


I am very satisfied with this run, proud of it, in fact.

I’m not quite sure when the timing ends, quadrazid timed until the moment he loses his crosshairs, so I’m doing the same thing.

I’m sorry for the faint skipping at segment transitions after I obtain the grenades, I will appreciate if someone gives me some tips and tricks to avoid that.

Shoutouts to quadrazid and laughing_gas for their previous runs.


Thank you for watching!


Nice one! I’ve scouted for a thinkable re-run of mine. Biggest changes would be to skip the grenade mounted Thompson rifle. 2k obbo at 4:30. And at 4:54 go left into the dining room and make a chair obbo on a sloped surface (bottle I think) getting launched over the building and JB into the tunnel.


Thank you! Nice ideas, didn’t think about the object boost, could have saved a few secs.

The last map was by far the most painful one to work with, I originally wanted to make a grenade boost above the building and JB to the tunnel before I tried the simple triggerdelay that ended up in the final video, but I couldn’t make it 'cause the health management didn’t let me.

I also attempted a more complex triggerdelay, ARNade bosting out of the window, going up the roof and jumping my way left, end the delay and JB to the tunnel but the zombies firing at me one-shotted me every single time.


Hey guys! I’m trying to learn this run myself on HGHL and I’m having trouble with blowing up the door at the beginning, any tips? I’m going to be running RTA so any help would be appreciated! 8)

  1. You throw a grenade at the bottom of the door, then throw one a LITTLE above it so it bounces to the other side, pretty sure thats how it works.

  2. Its NGHL, not HGHL.


Thanks and you’re correct, must have mistyped :stuck_out_tongue:

One other question that is bugging me to the brink of insanity, does anyone have, or can create, a list of Weapon_NAME console commands so I can bind my keys correctly? I cannot seem to figure out what the weapon_ command for the wrench is, and because I run HL Orange with my weapons individually bound, I would like to do so with They Hunger’s weapon set. Any assistance would be GODLY <3


If I remember right, Arianon was commenting on how difficult that nade clip was because of the thickness of the door. Haven’t tried it myself but if it’s as difficult as it sounds then it might only be RTA viable, if that.

The nade clip works by just throwing it at the right angle, you’ll know when you’ve done it right as it’ll just pass through the door and be barely visible when it has landed.

See example:


Thanks PJC! I’ve gotten used to the grenade clip, so I’ll deal with the hand I’ve been dealt. It’s random so it’ll make for an interesting start to part 1 for sure!

The same goes for the object boost over the door in Part 2, It’s hard, but doable, so all the more fun to run real time. The skip I’m speaking of is at roughly 4:12 of the segmented run here: - It’s possible to do non-segmented so I’m really excited to show it off, albeit difficult. ;D

I’m really excited to learn part 3 RTA, but since I’ve based my routes off the segmented runs so far I’m going to have to route part 3 myself, so a casual play through is definitely in order. Beyond my childhood nightmares it should definitely be interesting. :slight_smile:

These runs so far is a lot of fun to learn and run, so I hope to show them off soon! :smiley: I imagine each part being a run in it’s own right, then running them consecutively being a run in of itself, so i’m happy to be a part of something that may once be. 8)


cough cough
I know I am a bit late to the party but the key to get pass through the grenade door is having viewangle ~60.5 and setting FPS ~20>25.
Good luck


someone found a way more consistant way to do it for RTA runs (this pretty much works everytime)


So you take the grenade then go back to the top? That wastes a lot of time… As bxt_hud_viewangle is legitimate now, all you have to do is crounch before the door and set your viewangle to 60.5 (pitch) then set your fps to 20fps. It is much better. You can get into the game and test


ok youre right that does seem to work really well :slight_smile: