Im thinking about it to break the 4min record… well… I wanna use NGHL for it but my problem is that when I jump for bunnyhop I only jump one time… but I wanna use my bhop script (the one from NGHL for sure)
but how? It says “bunnyjump - space” but I ONLY JUMP ONCE??? bind space +bhop doesn’t work too… how can I fix it?
Sorry for 3 topics already.


Calm your tits, mate. You should make sure that the alias is properly set, as in, enter “alias” in the console to see the defined aliases, if you don’t see anything, then no scripts are set.

Then make sure there’s a userconfig.cfg file with your scripts in the mod’s (or valve’s) directory.

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Thanks I try it out. ^^


:smiley: yea I did what you said I found +bhop and -bhop… and everything is set but I still can’t use mah script =P
Help? :x


try this one:

alias -aut "alias name"
alias bhop "+jump;wait;-jump;cmd name"

bind SPACE +aut

remember to set fps to 250


Thanks Elgu!
It works! ^^