They Hunger 2 (TH3 In Progress, again)


Video contains shitty demos and cutting segments. The author of this video will not take any responsibility over what might happen during or after watching this video. Exploding diarrhea or flesh eating disease might be caused by this video with 110% probability. Watch at your own risk.

They Hunger Episode Two Segmented Speedrun (Easy)
Click here to watch it. (Youtube)


NSFAQ (Not So Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Why did you upload this piece of garbage to YT?
A: I spent my whole winter break running this. I originally scrapped it (for obvious reasons) but I decided to run the last few maps and upload it. Even though the demos failed, I’m still quite happy with it.

Q: What are your final thoughts on the run?
A: There’s always room for optimization, especially for this run. I’m still proud enough to say I did this run, I planned it and I did everything by my own. Mistakes or not, I learned a lot from this. Hopefully next time I’ll get everything right. :wink:

Q: Why are the demos so bad? What happened to the segments?
A: Long story short, I used REALLY bad script to load and save segments. Watching back now I realize how stupid I was.

Q: What’s the total time?
A: I didn’t even bother to check it. For, again, obvious reasons.

Q: Why would you ever run on WON?
A: WON will always have a special place in my heart…

Q: Wait, if it was ran on WON, how did you make it 720p?
A: You can modify the HL.exe through HEX, making it possible to use resolutions such as 1080p and 720p.

Q: What happens at 10:13?
A: There was something wrong with the demo. It skips about 3-6 seconds.

Q: Why does that one guy go in front of the truck and suddenly explodes?
A: Magic of careful planning.

Q: Why did the dog bite off the whole oil container at the end?
A: The dog wanted to grab some snack before death.


Very nice run! I enjoyed it.


Yes, this was excellent. I planned to do a ep2 speedrun as well back when I did They Hunger ep1. I had pretty much all the shortcuts and routes done and ready, cannot remember why I stopped the project.

And your route seemed perfect. It’s only one thing I can point out. At 1:59 you can bhop over the trigger which closes the gate and simply just bhop through the whole tunnel. But you found another trick to get by it anyway.

For other viewers, the grenadeboost at 6:14 over the burning truck saves over 2 minutes if i recall.

Great job :>


Thanks for the nice words! ::slight_smile:

I knew this but I had to close the gate simply because the guards would shoot me down while doing the grenade jump.


Cool run… and I didn’t get any exploding diarrhea

Ughhh! My stomach!





Anyway, great run! I thoroughly enjoyed it :smiley:


I actually first planned to do Ep3 run. I planned my route but I never had enough ammo to defeat the boss.
Ep3 is more like the first one, containing a lot more forest maps, which are quite easy and fun to run. Ep2 in the other hand is a little bit closed but still fun, imo.

I might as well try Ep3 again so we can finish this trilogy!


Very nice run, I really enjoyed it. Didn’t seem bad at all as you seem to think!


How is the episode 3 run going?


[s]Unfortunately it does not exist. After the little mistake I had with saves I didn’t really get back into it. I’m dealing with other stuff like keeping servers alive, being busy with school and just plain laziness.

Run was sorta half-routed. I can safely say I know most if not all major skips and tricks to use. I could come back to it.

That being said, if anybody else wants to take a shot, go ahead.[/s]

To be continued…



Figured out my technical difficulties and the run shall start again!


Killer! Really looking forward to a complete trilogy.


Awesome, what did you use to record it? Fraps or HLAE?


Used built-in recording tools. (startmovie and endmovie with startdemos)
Stitched the frames with VDub and removed some unnecessary frames.


I see, I have a little issue myself that no matter what script I use or which frames I cut in the transitions, one frame is missing and it looks like Gordon “skips” some airtime, it’s pretty small though and I hope I can cope with it, but it’s certainly annoying.


Oh man, please don’t let this run die! :smiley:

I’m currently learning Part 1 and 2 RTA, so a segmented part 3 will really help out in learning for me! <3