The Teleporter that Takes you to Xen


Everyone who’s seen SW’s amazing run of HL will note that he takes the teleporter early by throwing a snark into the teleporter first to put it on cool down so it can’t kill him when he goes in. I swear I’ve managed to get this working in source before but recently I have had problems with getting it to work. Anyone care to confirm?


You probably had godmode on, the snark in the teleporter is impossible now.


Is there any way to find out how much damage it does to you when you go into it? It does 10 000 damage.

The Boss: It can still work
The Boss: The amount of damage done to entities that touch this trigger. The damage is done every half-second. See also ‘Damage Model’ for extra details on how damage can be dealt.
The Boss: There’s no filter. Does it kill the snark?
TYPICAL: i’ve tried hornets, snarks, various explosives and i’ve got nothing so far
TYPICAL: i might try luring one of those flying mini nihalanths into it though
The Boss: See if you can get anything to be killed by it. If it kills something, you have half a second to get to the teleport trigger
TYPICAL: thanks for the help ^^
TYPICAL: what’s in extra details?
The Boss: Damage Model is on Normal
The Boss: The other option is Double w/ Forgiveness, which will limit the damage for each person, which is set at 20. Unfortunately that does nothing since the damage model is normal, not the other
TYPICAL: still. might try spawning shit directly into the thing and seeing what happens

EDIT2: Right it doesn’t work on npcs I don’t know why but it probably works like that for a raisin. The only other way I can think of making it past that death trigger is by getting another bug door which gives you health and standing in it for awhile. Aside from that we’re waiting. :-\

EDIT3 (last one I promise):

He mentioned it working… amidoinitwrong?


You have to stay in one of those bugdoors for 1,40min, since the teleporter sequence is 2,00min we save 20sec ;D


That’s even if we have that bug door to use. At the moment I can’t find any. :-\


ooh, I thought that thoose doors in c2a5f still works in HLs. my bad
I really dont think valve have fixed the maps to source. so i vote that negative-damage-doors dont work in source :-\


I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times, but a lot of bugs that worked in HL1 aren’t available in HL:S, but Typical and I have been looking for some new routes, and I’m not sure about him, but I have found some pretty neat tricks that will be used in our speed run. Demonstrate, Dale, did you guys have any other routes that you’d like to share with us?

Oh btw Typical, what the hell is a Mini-Nihilanth? You mean the Alien Controllers?


I’ve looked far and wide for their correct name under the npc_create monster_******** thing and I still don’t know what their real names are. :frowning:


Yes, he means the Alien Controllers. I used to call them something like mini-Nihilanths myself before I found out their real name. ;D


Out of interest what are they called in-game. I wanted to spawn one of them into the teleporter to see whether it gimped them or not.


I believe it’s monster_controller or acontroller. I think quadrazid would know.



I think it would have the same effect as hornet and snark :-\


Cheers and in this case it probably will. :’(

Still, basically my last hope at getting past that god damn trigger.


Well good luck with that, report anything you find.


I’m reporting that I found nothing. We’re waiting. Jesus Valve if I wanted this kind of abuse I would play Ep1. >:(


If anyone wants to try to manipulate the teleporter themselves, then just use the console-command “map c3a2d”. I tried it for a while with the same results as Typical - no success.

On the same map there’s some NPC-manipulation in SW’s speedrun as well: by shooting Barney with the Gauss-gun so that he opens two doors. I couldn’t get Barney to open the door in HLS 'cause the doors in HLS are made of two materials: A metal-frame and the glass inside of them. As Barney runs up to the door he only opens the metal-frame which means that the glass is still blocking the doorway. I also tried to get either Barney or the Scientist to open the other door, the one that leads into the teleportation-chamber, but weren’t able to. Will try some more tomorrow. At least we’ve got teleportation that we can use on the scientist!

I’m working on a little brake-down of SWs run, comparing it to HLS and seeing what is possible. Basically what this guy did but much more detailed and speedrun-oriented. I’ll post it tomorrow probably. I will post it within a few days (wednesday/thursday). I’ve already taken out the important tricks and run-time when they’re used in SWs run. But I’m also gonna listen his/RandomEngy’s commentary as well as organizing the tricks in categories and adding the map-names so that you can easily try them with the “map” command.


Sounds good, looking forward to anything you find. In a day or so, I’ll be posting my route for HL:S.


It’s taking a bit longer than I expected but I will probably post it tomorrow or at the end of the weeked. But I noticed a couple of more things:

Am I right in believing that the so called “object boosting/vertical push”-trick doesn’t work in HLS? Well I noticed a quite interesting thing while messing around with some barrels: If you grab the barrels from as far away as possible and push it into a wall you, and the barrel, will be pushed back. I was thinking that this could somehow replace of the normal “object boosting/vertical push”-trick. Perhaps it’s possible to be pushed back, jump and do a 180-degree turn? It’s worth messing around with a bit more.

The second thing I realized was that the so called “stuck jump” (from HL2) still works. I noticed this when I pushed a couple of barrels into the “grinder” in Unforseen Consequences (it’s where that elevator goes down and head-crabs fall down on you). Stuck jump is basically just squeezing an object in some door or something similar and the object then sends you flying if you touch it - I don’t know if this can be used anywhere in the run, but just thought I’d mention it.


You could stuck jump out of the grinder which you said maintain your speed to the massive gaps and try and simply jump straight over them. Not sure if it wouldn’t just be faster to VOB up them anyway.


There is some kind of method to get horizontal boost from objects, the thing is, the object has to be against something in order for it to work and needs to be pushed to make it “wobble”, I think it tries to go somewhere it shouldn’t and the game engine pushes it back in-bounds with it’s well known gentle touch :smiley:

I’ve been experimenting with it in the room where that “head-crab elevator” is, the hallway leading there has its floor on slightly lower level than the room itself, in the hallway push a barrel towards the room until it hits the edge of the higher level, then jump from the hallway towards the room, touching the barrel on your way, sometimes it wobbles giving you possible damage and/or a boost to your speed.

When I first found this I had low(ish) initial speed but after touching the barrel got launched straight to the opposite wall. This is also probably the reason why I had that barrel launched into the elevator shaft on my earlier experiments.

If you want to try it out, don’t use boxes, they just break too easy.