The state of the Portal 2 Speedrunning Community

It’s no secret that everyone in the Portal 2 speedrunning community hates each other. They happen to have good reason.
Zypeh after someone said he had the vast majority of WRs: " Why the fuck would i give a shit about how many WRs i have? I barely ever play"
Betsruner after Jetwash was banned for a short while: "the moment Jetwash has any reasonable power of this community is when I quit, fortunately he has none and is capable of nothing :smiley: "
Someone said “My apologies I saw it as a bigger picture, on where we could ultimately prevent future cases, but as I see it, you are truly consistent on this issue.”
Which was a totally reasonable thing to say in this situation, as betsruner had already insulted him multiple times.
And here was Betsruner’s response: “\are you dumb fuck ofc he did it he’s said it many times publicly and no he has absolutely nothing to offer. Why the fuck would we even care why he cheated.”
That’s not even the whole thing, it’s like, a paragraph.
Any and all questions about anything related to anything at any point in time are responded to with hatred and hostility. I believe this is because the community itself has no actual rules, there’s no rule against being a dick because the community is so disconnected from sourceruns. If we could find a way to reintegrate it, perhaps move the leaderboards here, update the wiki, something that would make people in that community come to sourceruns rather than Znernicus or just google things if they needed help, perhaps this issue could be resolved. I believe the main reason there are so few runners of Portal 2 these days is because of how intimidating, no, downright scary that community is. People don’t want to be a part of that. So any and all help in this matter would be appreciated.

The site will be updated around summer so if the admins think it’s reasonable it can be implemented.

i’d almost be willing to learn to bunny hop/learn portal 2 strats just to be a shining light in this dark portal 2 world. however. i cannot bunny hop to save my life, and portal 2 movement is shit.

i wish i could help. honestly.

Honestly i think the biggest issue is that the entire portal 2 community as a whole is generally a lot more immature than most other speedrunning communities, so they don’t have the capacity to deal with their problems correctly, the problem is that portal 2 has such a high skill ceiling it takes literally 1000 hours minimum to be able to compete and even then you are very unlikely to get any records, so we are basically stuck with who we have.

Can confirm, is shit

While i don’t deny that the community could be very intimidating, i think the main reason is the skill ceiling, a lot of people will jump into portal 2 expecting to be able to compete and then quickly learn that after 10 hours of hard work they really aren’t making any significant progress and then they just leave, i’ve had countless players add me to help them along just to have this happen to them, and this is isn’t something that can be helped really.

One more problem in my opinion is that there aren’t enough tutorials, or just general help for new people. The only speedrun tutorial I have ever seen for Portal 2 is a really old one by Znernicus, and there is essentially no way to learn any up to date routes other than to guess how its done from speedruns.

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sorry to post such a short thing,

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It’s not like we’re restricting Portal 2 runners from joining the community, they just choose not to be here. But of course, the less narcissists here, the better.

thanks for the awesome information.