The SourceRuns Winter Mini-contest has ended!


The SourceRuns mini-contest has ended!

Thanks to all the runners who submitted their runs to the contest. We hope you enjoyed it!

The winner for the GoldSrc challenge (Surface Run) is Bloodvez, beating the mod in 1 minute and 52 seconds!
The winner for the Source challenge (Forest Ambush) is Paperboat, beating the mod in 2 minutes and 17 seconds!

Congratulations to both runners! The winners, as promised, will receive the Humble Square Enix Bundle 3.
The winning run demos will also be captured and uploaded to the SourceRuns YouTube channel fairly soon!

For more details on this contest, take a look at the leaderboards.

That’s all from us now, take care!


I hope a lot of people participate, its much more fun that way.


I only run opposing force but this seems like fun, will try it out!


When exactly do submissions close for this?


It was supposed to be closed today, but due to the lack of submissions (only 4) we’ve decided to postpone the ending by a week and try to get more runs in.

The new closing date is January 17th.


I will submit something eventually. I already have 2 demos saved but none that I am satisfied with yet.


Is there a way to watch each map run on YouTube? At least of the winner


Hi, I’m a little confused as to how to time the forest ambush map. Should we time to the black screen? Or when the crosshair disappears? I ask cause the map never kicks you out on it’s own. The time up on the leaderboard is the total demo time, but i just manually stopped that demo some time after the gman sequence so it doesn’t provide good timing info.


Just time it on the black screen I guess, I’ve had the game kick me into the menu before but only once out of maybe 20 tries.


Can’t wait to see what Paperboat did for his helicopter battle, I heard it was fast :slight_smile: .