The Ship Single Player


Hey I just started running this and was wondering if there’s any chance you could get the damage values for weapons used in this game.


Try entering sk_plr_weaponname commands and see their default values. Those should be the damage values for the weapon. Replace weaponname with weapon name, of course :smiley:


OK I’ll try that. Thanks for the quick answer :slight_smile:

Edit: It’s not working. ] sk_plr_revolver Unknown command: sk_plr_revolver ] sk_plr_Revolver Unknown command: sk_plr_Revolver ] sk_plr_dmg_Revolver Unknown command: sk_plr_dmg_Revolver ] sk_plr_dmg_revolver Unknown command: sk_plr_dmg_revolver

That’s what I’m getting :frowning:


Sorry but I can’t help you, I’m not the best with source commands.

However, I was gonna ask you if you enjoy the game? I do have it in my steam list thanks to a fellow SourceRun’s member gifting it to me, but I haven’t tried it out yet. What do you think about the game itself?


No problem D4rw1n. I don’t have any clue about commands.

As for the game. Yes I think it’s quite good though even with a casual playthrough you’re going to be through the game pretty quickly.

Now if you include multiplayer it’s even more fun because of the random hunter / hunted aspect. You can never be sure who wants to stab you when you stalk your own prey. Sadly Valve decided to shutdown the main server which is the reason you won’t find any servers on the ingame browser. There are still servers out there you’ll just have to find them by yourself.

So I’d recommend it. It was a different game for it’s time and still is to this point.


Neat! That was pretty much exactly what I was hoping for. I had no idea Valve were assholes though and shut down the servers… Hopefully I’ll manage to find some anyway.


Prepare for wall of text. I did some research with “cvarlist” and this is the stuff I’ve found maybe someone with better knowledge can track something down while I blow through it.


Do source games still have damage values in their skill.cfg?


How do I get that file? Currently it’s nowhere to be found in the game directory.


If this game doesn’t use Steampipe, try searching for it’s GCF files and open them using GCFScape, then search in that file.


they should be in the cfg folder


No there’s only the user.cfg.

I’m looking into something that may be helpful. Thanks for the link!

Edit: I only have .vpk files with two _dir files that have a lot of info but I haven’t found any weapon values.


Well you could figure out the damage values by looking at enemies health and then seeing how many shots it takes to kill someone (using ai_disable)


I got the strange feeling that damage values are static (the stars on the weapons are the actual value …) and enemy health is just adjusted by the difficulties. Also hitboxes might be problematic with this game too. While using a gun for example I can either one shoot a guy or he takes at least two hits (with the gun having 3 star rating). So this game just became more reset heavy … yay.

So for now I’ll have to use my rating table to determine what weapon to use for future runs. Thanks for the help though. Maybe I’ll find other interesting stuff that I can’t understand.


Of course they’re static, otherwise hitting planks/destroying other items with crowbar would take more hits on different difficulties :smiley:


Coming back to this one more time. Some weapons seem to have a higher damage value than their rating suggests. For example there’s the Blunderbuss, rated 3 stars, which can oneshot kill enemies on hard. Another one would be the two different bomb types the game has to offer. They’re rated 5 stars but can still kill enemies on normal which other 5 star weapons can’t.

In the case for the Blunderbuss it might be because the single shot it fires isn’t actually “single”. It’s similar to a shotgun shell being fired so anything in close range would be hit by several pellets which are rated 3 stars.

As for the explosives I have no idea. It might be something about the hitboxes but I’m totally lost there.

What do you guys think? Is there anything that could compare to these cases in other source games?