The Power of RAID.


So, some crazy idiot genius got 24 SSDs and RAID-ed them. The result is a computer with a 2K transfer rate. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself. -


I really wonder what RAID configuration they had them in. At school I got 8 standard hard drives (as standard as 15k SAS drives are) and had them in RAID0 and was getting over 500mb/s write with 16kb blocks. I feel kinda silly for not trying larger block sizes.
This was on 5+ year old hardware, surely SSDs could do better than 2gb/s (Especially across 3 RAID controllers). Although this video is from 2011, so nowadays you can probably do a lot better.


And this was also done back in early 2009 (afaik, that’s the earliest I can find this video from on youtube), back before Windows 7 introduced its better support for SSDs; not to mention the actual better progress with SSDs which yielded even better speeds.

I bet right now with current hardware you could get the same effects with about a third of the drives they used.


Yeah, I’d love to get half a dozen SSDs and try it nowadays. Although I might go for RAID10 for that little bit of data security :slight_smile:


Pretty sure they explain their setup at the very end of the video. It just goes by quickly.


does SSD RAID’s have the same problems as HHD’s


Never do this.


It’s also kinda pointless to defrag RAID arrays too as they store data differently.