The Old Ravenholm Re-Run

QUOTE Shaolin Productions Presents…The HL2:DQ Team’s Ravenholm Re-Run as a follow through to the original Ravenholm Done Quick. The previous run was a segmented video on hard, with a completion time of 2:28. This new video shows LightningX performing a single contiunous run clocking in at 1:36 on hard. The new strategies involve heavy use of the flying trick: Using a flat object to hoverboard across thin air.If speedrunning interests you be sure to check out HL2:DQ for all the up-to-date demos and tricks for every map.Half Life 2: Done Quickhttp://www.hl2dq.tkShaolin Productionshttp://www.shaolinproductions.orgMISC DETAILS:Run by: LightningXVideo by: JBR of Shaolin ProductionsTotal run time: 1:36.68Demos Included: 4 maps that make up Ravenholm, 01-01a-02-02a.Difficulty: All demos played on hard, and loaded in continuous fashion from the previous level.VIDEO DETAILS:File: ravenholmrun.aviCodec: Xvid 1.0.2 size: 72.8MBResolution: 640x440Length: 2:46Music: Black Lab - This BloodCreated using Half-Life 2, Sony Vegas, and VirtualDub.THANKS TO:fu3l3d, warywolf, darkangel#hl2dq ( ( Speedrunning TeamDownload


Hey man, don’t hate…it’s a sick video :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, i seeee! i thort it was ur old video, i didnt see that it was a new one! its a new one, right? i thort he was posting bout that video u did like 4-5 months ago!

Mines faster :slight_smile:

Heh, I like this one mostly because of what Shaolin Productions did. Of course LightningX must be given credit, too. :slight_smile:

Yeh they edited it pritty good i was just disapointed with the quality i think its just my windows media player that stuffed up :frowning:

You ought to use some other player than that, like BSplayer or Media Player Classic. I prefer the latter.There are a lot of other useful stuff at you don’t know what to download from there, just take the “K-Lite Mega Codec Pack”. :slight_smile:

Is this new or old? Because it says So by the looks of it, it is old.- Gordon

It is the second Ravenholm run, it’s not the very fastest run anymore, but the video is neat.

everyone said he had ravenholm in 1minthe video has the name “ravenholm rererun”

Honestly, I don’t think a sub 1:00 is even possible, at least not with the current tricks…I Googled it a bit, and I don’t think such a video exists. It’s a shame, isn’t it? :rolleyes:

The current complete Ravenholm run was done in 1:03, and yes, it is possible to beat town_01 faster and make a sub minute run.

Heh, so were some more special tricks used? And is there a video out there? :slight_smile: