The official "SourceRuns - The Movie" (work title) thread!

[center]PROGRESS BAR: 10% (Starting to assemble all my ideas and concepts I’ve got in my head in an organized and movie like way.) [/center]

So I just wanted to start a thread about this movie project we talked about earlier and sadly I never found the time to make it the past summer. But now school’s back on and I can start focusing on it.

So basically I just wanted you fine peeps to know that the project is still alive and kicking, and this is where I’ll post all the progress I’m making! If you’ve got any special ideas for it, feel free to post them. However since I’m a somewhat “experienced” filmmaker I prefer to keep things my way so if I don’t approve of your idea, don’t get offended or anything like that. That’s just how I roll!

Someone’s already mentioned the ladder fall.

Collision boost!

Also surfing.

I really can’t wait! Good luck with everything! ;D

Go OoB.

And of course ABH what Quadrazid said

zig-zag bhop a lá quake/hl1 would look so much cooler ;>

Box breaking ;D Skip to 0:40 (lol o40) Skip to 0:45

Interesting ideas so far! I’ll be sure to consider each one of them!

After re-watching hl2dq while my internet was down. (I watched it like 7 times back to back! Also Suga is still a god.) I kinda want to see ladder jumping, I think it’s name give to it by the hl2dq was zip lining.

Hur går det med filmen? :>

Yeah it’s kinda stuck at 10%

Oh wow. I’ve no idea which language this (though I’d guess Finnish) is, but I’m pretty sure I understand it. Looks a lot like Dutch:
Hoe gaat het met filmen?

Haha! almost man, almost :wink: We are swedes.
Ha en bra dag!

Finnish? Lol, Finnish is an insanely difficult language for Dutch guys to learn :stuck_out_tongue: it’s more related to hungarian than swedish. Swedish is a germanic language, that’s why it looks like Dutch in some senses.

I could post a complete essay about the origin of languages, how they all look like each other or not in this post and how I recognize them, but for the sake of staying on-topic, I won’t do so. Just wanted to share this bit of information with you :slight_smile:

How’s the filming coming along?

I’ve currently got one hell of a big project in school, and three more projects on top of that. All of them are movies so I’m pretty busy at the moment I’m afraid. As soon as I’ve managed to get through some or all of the projects my work on this darling can continue!

All of the projects are expected to be finished some time in December.

Miten filmi edistyy? <-- Same in finnish for you :stuck_out_tongue:

Hoe giet it mei filmjen?

Real words?

How’s the filming coming along*

I never realized how busy I’d be since it’s my last year in school before I graduate. So the movie is still a very real project, I’ve wanted to do a speedrunning movie for a long while. And of course I want to make it as good as possible so therefore It’ll probably have to wait until some time after I’ve graduated (unemployed slob ftw).

You’re graduated now, right? :>