The Lighthouse in 5:19


Done in 60 segments over the course of 2 months.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Really cool. Love the jump at the 3:00 mark.


Nice run! You need to explain that really elaborate trick you did during one of the transitions that nobody got to see.


I wrote down some explanations in the video description but I guess I’ll post them here too.

1:50 Since I went through the room so quickly the first time the NPCs didn’t have a chance to start their dialoge. So now they’re struggling to have 2 dialoges at the same time so I have to wait for the guy to say his first line before I enter a trigger or else the game soft-locks.

3:00 The back leg of the turret is sloped so I use it as a ramp to channel all my speed upwards.

3:05 Save/load clip

3:20 The whole train part is pretty interesting, it starts of with me avoiding a teleport trigger that would put me in the train by strafing to the side of the map. There’s a game over trigger covering the surface of the tracks so this whole part is basically a game of “the floor is lava”.

3:50 When the train enters the tunnel it teleports itself and the player to another part of the map. During the fade I hit the slope of the rock so I have enough vertical velocity to get on top of the clip brushes that are trying to keep me in the train. (timing this and doing it completely blind was hard to say the least)

4:20 The same thing happens in this tunnel but here I use a damage boost instead of a slope to get out of the train. After the tunnel I have to wait on the train until there’s a ledge on the left to jump along (floor is lava).

5:00 On this map there’s 11 soldiers you have to kill for the first gunship to spawn, the first grenade I throw kills one of them, the second grenade kills 2 more. I go into the window to hit a trigger which spawn 2 more, which I then kill with the rocket launcher. The second rocket I fire ignites some barrels in that room which, when they explode, activate a button that spawn the 2 elites.
While that’s happening I fire a third rocket into the ceiling of the bottom floor which kills a soldier on the floor above. I then fire an orb which kills the 2 elites as well as 2 more soldiers inside the building. And finally I shoot the eleventh soldier with the shotgun.
I kill the first gunship as fast as possible as doing so spawns the second one. I wait for the second gunship to get close to the watch tower before I kill it as it has a crashing sequence.


Really cool run; that train skip stuff is crazy :smiley:
Do you intend to submit this to SourceRuns, or is there a reason not to? (don’t want to suggest that it is unoptimised because it genuinely looks fast to me though of course there is always room for improvement but you know what I mean I hope)


I had submitted it but with ep2dq coming out soon (spoilers) and another run I’m working on well on the way I thought the sourceruns channel would get a bit crowded so I put this on my channel instead.


Well okay. Keep forgetting about Episode 2 then being reminded of it and becoming more and more hyped. :smiley: Can’t wait till it’s done.