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Who’s been watching/following this mod, then?

I recently watched both Q&A’s, in which one of the developers mentioned that they took special care to ‘dickproof’ the mod, going on to say that what that basically means is they made sure you won’t be able to ‘skip chunks of levels’ at a time.

Well, we’ll see about that :slight_smile: (I wonder if they actually researched speedrunning tactics in HL, if they didn’t, I’m sure there will be some triggerdelays available to exploit)

I’m hoping this mod has potential for speedrunning, or at least leaves the movement mechanics/physics unaltered/hardly modified.

They did mention briefly that they’d tried to keep the mechanics the same as classic HL, although they didn’t seem 100% able to say that they didn’t make at least some modifications.

Either way, this mod looks really good IMO.



Heard about it, and thats the extent of my knowledge. Until a little research later, and it seems really cool. Hopefully, their way to prevent skips will just allow us to skip even larger parts of the game. Like ABH did with HL2.

When did HL1 have a physics engine to abuse?

Anywho, it looks pretty cool. Just praying it wont force the “HD” weapon models on me. I hate those models, so ugly.

Thats the non-speedrunning side of me out of the way, time to express my actual opinion. That being said, I wanna break the **** out of this. Hopefully there will be some weapon that causes knockback (Gauss, M429, that sort of thing) that we can abuse to get to places where we are not supposed to be. That giant room that they keep showing looks like it can be abused HEAVILY. One little slope and a lot of speed could get someone high very quickly. This mod needs a run just to show how determined runners are to find a way to break a game.


They said in the Q&A that you won’t have access to ‘experimental’ weapons like egon or gauss because you’re a maintenance worker and realistically you wouldn’t have access to them in your position anyway.

As for the M429, they said the game will feature mostly weapons from the original HL, although I guess we can’t say for sure that there won’t be a boosting weapon. Even if there isn’t, damage boosting will still be available.

I’m definitely going to look into running this mod when it gets released, maybe we should put a team together just to see how well they did in ‘dickproofing’ it.


Well, Gordon didn’t have authorization to see or know anything about the Xen teleporter in the Lambda Complex so…

Instead of arguing over lore and things, I would love to see a video dedicated to showing how well they didn’t prevent glitches and skips while still making it feel Half-Life instead of CoD. I’ll even try to find glitches myself, (though I’m not that good at it) because it seems the devs think their all that when it comes to skip-preventing. And I love to try to prove game/mod devs wrong, even if I tell them or not.

Also, Lots of testers, sub 10 minutes.

If I sound like an ass, its just because I’m cranky and I hate people who hack in multiplayer skill-based games. cough, cough Tribes: Ascend cough


I think the point they’re trying to make is that they won’t really delve into the deep parts of Black Mesa like the Lambda Complex etc because the character won’t be anywhere near those areas, therefore he won’t be anywhere near the facilities that hold the experimental weapons, especially when he’s heading for the surface much like Barney Calhoun did in Blue Shift (whereas Gordon went deeper into Black Mesa to avoid the soldiers and stop the aliens from teleporting to Earth).


I’m not sure I understand why a game developer would go out of their way to “dick-proof” a single player game. The game environment should have enough “flow” to it so players stick to path the developers intended for a regular play through. But if someone is actively seeking out ways to “break” the game, why not let them enjoy that?

In Portal 2 for example, the ways the developers wanted the puzzles to be solved is pretty much how the vast majority of people solved them – on their first play through, and probably subsequent ones as well. But that hasn’t stopped people from completing puzzles with 2 or even 0 portals, tricks that often involve getting out of the regular play area (not necessarily out of bounds, but very often on top of things the developers never intended you to get on)

Doesn’t this just create more potential for replaying the game? I love seeking out tricks and skips in games. If you make sure to get rid of these, I’m going to stop playing.


I completely agree, focusing on stuff which isn’t even important sidetracks the energy put into actually making the game a good experience.

Personally, if I was a developer and I saw that someone had made an optimised speedrun of my game/mod, I’d be happy. Like you said, it would mean that the game/mod actually had replay value, and generally I think most runners run games because they like/enjoy them.